Sunday, May 03, 2009

Baby Season

Its Baby Boom Year for the Dadameah clan. Sha'azim and Ika started off in mid-March with a baby boy, their first, Grandpa Didi's third grandchild. Name is Sha' ixack Zarfanne Dadameah, such an exclusive name. In April, Qholiff & Maheran welcomed their second son Qashif Dadameah . Also Grandpa Ijon's second grandson. Also, in April Ileena Qassim, daughter of cousin Zuveea Dadameah, gave birth to a boy. End of April, Nashriq Dadameah had a baby boy named Ryan Adam Dadameah, his first son and second child. The second grandchild for the late Noor Nikman Dadameah. And hopefully by mid-June or later, my son Firdaus and d.i.l. Zuraida will be presenting us his second son (if the scan was correct) and our second grandson.